What we do

Enjoy a better way to survey

You miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take… Right?

What we do – Benefits

What is a better way to survey?

New software that provides you with a better way to survey


Art of surveying


Building Data Models of different Age, Type and Style of buildings which we have developed over the last 20 plus years


3D Cube – a unique way of looking at a building


Elevations and Cross Sections to analyse the building – we have a system that allows you to look at the front, back, left, right elevations, if it has some, and roof and foundations too


Environmentally friendly solution, reduces paper and gives you a great way to store information and still allows the use of traditional methods – we have not forgotten about traditional ways of working and values – these are available within the software


Tailor-made and customisable


Things we did not have enough time to tell you about 
1. Intuitive system to use 
2. Full of data to help you or customise 
3. Visual system improves process 
4. Helps to write the surveys 
5. Secure system 
6. Always evolving and improving