360 Material Database

Building Cycle – How long do building materials last?

SurveySoftware1st is currently building a database of the life-cycle of building components. 

Surveyors and Architects who regularly deal with property problems whilst carrying out residential and commercial building surveys and house/commercial design projects are taking part in this project. 

Why take part?

Our aim is to give everyone who takes part in the survey a free copy of the Building Cycle Report which can be used and built upon, feedback given and added to.  The Building Cycle Report will be available on a specific website that will enable this to happen and envisage this information to be used for:-

  1. Discussions when property is being purchased
  2. Discussions when properties are being altered and extended
  3. When there are problems with materials

Find out more?

Just fill out this short form or Free Phone Tara on 0800 298 5424 – we would love you to take part