About Survey Software

A better way to Survey

Survey Software is a fantastic way to survey a building of any age, type and style there are three stages in its development … see below

Version 1.0

Stages of developing the survey software

1.    Library Surveys – DataModels across all: 

Eras (starting with Victorian/Edwardian and Modern):-

1.1  Vernacular Stone

1.2  Vernacular Timber

1.3  Georgian/Regency

1.4  Victorian/Edwardian

1.5  War Years

1.6  Post War Years

1.7  Non Traditional

1.8  Modern

1.9  New 

Across Style:-

1.1.1    Detached

Across Type:        Traditional

with revised outline/skeleton drawings/grid layers (two chimneys old up to Post War Years, one chimney Post War Years onwards [Non Trad one chimney])

2           Photos Auto Compressing

3           Cube photos and 21 Survey Photos folders auto upload

4           White Space – less white space appearing in the application

5           Dated sketches

6           Phrases updated

7           User Survey Menu icons (screen 40) changing colour as survey loads

8           Combining phrases 

For example: 

  Dry rot and Wet rot

  Rising Dampness and Lateral Dampness

Version 2.0

1.    Construction Summary links to data cube

2.    Executive Summary

3.    New Era Drawings

4.    Double Cell

5.    Speed improved

6.    Library Surveys – DataModels across all: 

Eras (starting with Victorian/Edwardian and Modern):-

6.1     Vernacular Stone

6.2     Vernacular Timber

6.3     Georgian/Regency

6.4     Victorian/Edwardian

6.5     War Years

6.6     Post War Years

6.7     Non Traditional

6.8     Modern

6.9     New 

Across all Styles:-

6.1.1  Semi Detached

6.1.2  Mid Terraced

6.1.3  End Terraced

6.1.4  Purpose Built Leasehold Flat

6.1.5  Converted Flat

6.1.6  Bungalow 

Across all Types:-                 Modernised                 Extended

Version 3.0

1.    Photos can be dragged onto specific areas of the data cube and then auto feed into survey report

For example; Chimney photo dragged to chimney then this photo appears in the chimney section of the report along with the chimney phrases, sketches, definitions etc 

2.    Phrase of the day appears every day you log onto the application

3.    Menu drawings have way of showing the condition of the property at a glance

For example:

3.1  Drawing with blue sky and sun = more averages i.e. good condition

3.2  Drawing with white cloud = mid condition

3.3  Drawing with dark clouds/dark sky = bad/poor condition

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